adult aikido

Aikido of South Brooklyn offers traditional aikido training for adults. These classes focus on aikido’s techniques, applications, and principles, as well as the personal development, such as improved concentration, self-esteem, communication, and sense of community inherent to practicing any traditional martial art.

No previous martial arts or athletic training is required. The only requirements are an open mind and willingness to try. Perhaps unique among all the martial arts is this directive from aikido’s founder Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969): “Always train in a vibrant and joyful manner.”

Classes begin with stretching and warm-up exercises that improve balance, coordination, and body awareness. This is followed by rolling and falling practice, and technique practice with a partner. During this part of class, participants learn the roles of attacker and defender, and develop martial and communication skills, as well as fitness.

Prospective students are always welcomed and encouraged to observe class before joining. Please email or call us at 718-612-6334 before visiting the dojo.


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