Adult classes focus on aikido’s techniques, applications, and principles, as well as the personal growth that is possible through martial arts practice, such as improved concentration, self-esteem, and sense of community. 

New students may start at any time by becoming full dojo members and attending the All Levels classes, as well as the other classes on offer.  Our instructors are skilled at tailoring the curriculum and their instructing style to whoever is in class—experienced and inexperienced students alike—and beginners are always welcome on the mat.

Prospective students may also start by taking one introductory Fundamentals class for a $15 mat fee, or three Fundamentals classes for $40 (no uniform required). Fundamentals classes move at a slower pace than regular All Levels classes, and offer in-depth instruction on the roles of attacker and defender for one specific technique. These classes are for beginners and advanced students alike. 

All classes begin with stretching and warm-up exercises that improve balance, coordination, and body awareness. This is followed by rolling and falling practice, and technique practice with a partner. During this part of class, participants learn the roles of attacker and defender, and aikido's techniques, while developing a sense of calmness and creativity that follows them off the mat. 

Prospective students are always welcome and encouraged to observe class before joining. Please email or call us at 718-612-6334 to schedule a dojo visit or Fundamentals class. Monthly dues are $120.