Adult Aikido Classes

All Levels

Most adult aikido classes at AOSB combine students of all skill levels. Our teachers are skilled at adjusting the curriculum and instruction to whoever is in class. All Level classes provide students a diverse and challenging training experience.


The Fundamentals class is for beginning and experienced students alike. Fundamentals classes move at a slower pace than regular All Levels classes. They offer in-depth instruction on 1 or 2 techniques, and explore in detail the foundational exercises and underlying skills needed to execute these techniques.

First-time students may take one Fundamentals class for $15 or three classes for $40 (classes must be taken within six weeks of purchase date). No commitments or uniforms are required. Please contact us to schedule your Fundamentals class package or click here to purchase.   


Training with the staff (jo) and wooden sword (bokken) are integral parts of aikido. Weapons practice at AOSB incorporates individual forms (kata), paired kata, and defenses against armed attackers.   

Advanced Practice

The advanced practice is the only restricted class at AOSB. Only students ranked 3rd kyu and higher may attend. Advanced practice incorporates all elements of aikido training. 

Youth/Teen Aikido Classes

All Levels, ages 6-12

Most youth classes are All Levels, and combine students of different ages and skill levels. Our teachers are skilled at adjusting the curriculum and instruction to the age and experience of students. The diversity of age and skill level in an individual class provides students with a varied and challenging training environment. Students aged 11-12 have the additional option of attending teen classes (see below).

Teen/Advanced Youth, Ages 11-15

Teen classes provide teenagers and soon-to-be teenagers with an opportunity to train with students of equal size, age, and maturity. Students younger than 11 who are mature and have achieved an advanced rank may attend these classes with instructor permission. Students ages 13-15 in this program may begin making the transition to adult practice with instructor permission. 

8 Limbs Youth Yoga

8 Limbs Youth Yoga offers classes for students ages 7-12 years on Wednesdays from 3:45-4:30 and by appointment. Please visit the 8 Limbs website for more information and to sign up.