Youth (ages 6-12)

Using aikido principles, techniques, and games, our youth classes for children ages 6-12 focus on developing self-defense skills, as well as coordination, cooperation, and concentration in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment. The practice helps improve students' self-esteem and communication skills, and offers a supportive community.

Youth class are on offer 4 days per week. Students may attend class as often as they wish, and are expected to attend at least twice per week. Those ages 11-12 years have the additional option of attending teen classes, as well.

Prospective students are always welcome and encouraged to observe class before joining. We do not offer trial classes, but we also do not require our members to sign long-term contracts. We sincerely believe that more than one class is needed to develop a feel for the art and dojo, and for new parents and students—even very young students—to make informed decisions. New students may start at any time and new member packages are available.

Please email or call us at 718-612-6334 to schedule a dojo visit. Monthly tuition is $100.